A Life Of Peanuts—Designer as Author
For this project we chose an area of personal meaning and interest that contained plenty of depth. We were to select a topic that provided enough content- both written and visual, to yield a "successful design." We merged research, and self-authored text and images to produce an additional layer of meaning to our final design. Most of the photography within the book is my own. I interviewed both a peanut seller and a peanut grower for my book and recorded their responses to a number of questions. I photographed peanut fields and boothes around South Alabama, as well as researching the "life of peanuts" in the South.

A Life of Peanuts takes a look at the role peanuts have played in the South– from their arrival in the early 1800's to their existence in the South today. Their roots, no pun intended, might have begun in South Carolina but today those roots have made their way all the way to the Alabama-Florida line. This book will investigate peanuts not only from a historical perspective but also will delve into the lives of a peanut grower and a peanut seller who are impacted by peanuts everyday.