Hi, I'm Rachel!

I am currently working as a Senior Product Designer for Pearhead Inc. At Pearhead, I design products and packaging and am specifically focused on  developing our new line of pet products. I also work directly with our marketing team to help effectively communicate our aesthetic through tradeshow graphics, ads and social media agendas. I have experience working extensively on brand initiatives to help companies develop their aesthetic. I believe that design is everywhere. It is essentially a form of communication that cannot be achieved through written words and spoken languages. Design is visualizing ideas, telling stories, and creating solutions to problems, and the challenge is my favorite part. From branding and typography to web design, packaging and illustration, I have a passion for it all. I believe the key to good design lies in strong concept development, research, and clear communication.

So check out my work and feel free to reach out if you'd like—rachelpurvisdesign@gmail.com