Sock Animals and Company

This a collection of work for a fictitious children's toy store called Sock Animals and Company. It is located in the underground shopping district of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The definition of company is "the condition of being with another, or others especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment." The name, Sock Animals and Company derived from the idea of a relationship or friendship formed between a handcrafted sock animal and the child who purchases the animal. Sock Animals and Company currently sells five different handcrafted sock animals: a dog, rabbit, elephant, sheep, and bear. Each animal is sold in a little home and comes with a short story and brochure explaining how to care for the animal. Every animal's short story is different, but the are all about a social challenge or trial the animal encounters and how it is able to overcome that challenge through its actions. The lessons the books teach are as follows: be different, be confident, be polite, be courageous, and be kind. 

Children in today's world encounter more social challenges than ever before. Sock Animals and Company exists to help encourage children through social challenges by giving them a companion who has experienced similar circumstances.

Logo: Limited color, scalable, web applicable
Stationery Suite: Letterhead, envelope, business card
Product Tags: Limited color (Five tags identifying animal and price)
Interactive: Fully functional live website (4 main nav links and 2 sublinks)
Brochure: Original imagery and text, limited color
Book: Original imagery and text, full color
Illustration: An illustration of each animal
Store Signage: Store sign featuring logo
Window Vinyl: Limited color, original imagery, single sticker